Programs in the area

Programs in the area


Keszthely, Festetics Castle and Castle Park

The Festetics Castle is the largest attraction of Keszthely, the third largest castle of Hungary. The castle’s park can be accessed through the ornate main gate. The front yard is decorated with the bronze statue of Count György Festetics in the company of other figures and a large fountain. The walkways wind among ancient trees, some which are 400 years old. The decorative coach house and stables, which accommodates the Carriage Museum, is located in the back part of the castle’s yard. The House of Balaton Wines was established in the 500 year old cellar system of the castle in 2005. It offers an exhibition tour combined with wine tasting.

The reception provides information on opening hours and entrance tickets.

Sümeg Castle

Visitors are shown the medieval knight games are held in the Sümeg Castle, with a Spanish equestrian carousel show, weaponry show, and a knights’ tournament combined with fencing between horsemen and foot soldiers.

The reception provides details of the program.

Buffalo Reserve in Kápolnapuszta

The Buffalo Reserve in Kápolnapuszta plays an important role in preserving the Hungarian indigenous species and its gene pool, and also serves as the popular centre for showing the animals.

It is open all year round, every day.

Kis-Balaton (Small Balaton)

István Fekete memorial and Matula Cottage

The excursion includes a visit to the “Matula Cottage” and to the memorial room of István Fekete, author of the youth novel “Berek” (“Winter Grove”), and the natural historian Jakab Schenk Vönöczky.

Visits are possible only with a professional guide from 1 May to 1 October.

Nature photography

The thatched observation huts await nature photographers in the specially protected area of Kis-Balaton (Small Balaton). They are offered a very close view of the everydays of the diverse animal life and can capture with their cameras the fascinating atmosphere of the natural values there. Entry of the area requires permission. Advance application is essential!

Kotsy water mill

The settlement of Zalaszántó is surrounded by a fantastic landscape. According to early references, a millstone water mill had been operating at the current location as early as during Turkish occupation. A total of 4 water mills were counted in 1876 in Zalaszántó. In the 20th century (at around 1915), 2 steam mills and a water mill designed by János Major were operating in Zalaszántó. The title to the water mill of János Major was transferred to Nándor Kotsy in the 20th century – this is the origin of its name.

Open to visitors between 15 March and 13 October

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