In a family atmosphere in Hévíz where we do our best to make yourSTAYHEALINGGOLFING ACTIVITIESunforgettable.

We offer suitable entertainment opportunities for families. While the senior members of the family may choose to enjoy the relaxing effects of the thermal lake, the younger ones will find their favourite programmes as well: They may choose to enjoy the hotel’s wellness section or any of the entertainment programmes in the neighbourhood, such as the Rezi adventure park, the Sümeg castle or the Tapolca lake cave.

Enjoy your recreational holiday also in the comfortable surroundings of the hotel. Our 72 m2 swimming pool awaits you, just as the comfortable whirlpool bath. Or if you wish to enjoy the relaxing environment of a sauna or a steam cabin, you will also find those in our hotel. Our qualified massage therapists will help you receive the unforgettable recreation and relaxation.

Golf is not merely a sequence of hits, but is a type of sport that requires real concentration and physical stamina. Its impact is measured not only in having sore muscles, since, following a few hours of golf, with completely cleared thoughts, you can more easily find the solution for seemingly impossible everyday concerns. A golf vacation will be really perfect if you can try out several of the nearby golf courses and pamper your tired limbs in the evening in our hotel.

Therapeutic offers

If you come for a longer period and if after the medicinal treatments and therapies you wish to spend your leisure time in a friendly atmosphere, the really practical choice is the Proholiday Apartments building located on Attila Road in the centre of Hévíz from where the lake is an easy walk away. Our apartments – which are sized between 29-45 m2, are equipped with a kitchen and are comfortably furnished – provide you with the possibility of self-catering where you can find not only a jacuzzi and a sauna, but also the comfort and warmth of a home you are used to.

Holiday in Hévíz

The thermal lake of Hévíz: The peat-bottomed multi-thousand-year-old thermal lake is fed by several cold and hot water springs of a 38-meter deep spring cave which is rich in minerals. The temperature of the erupting water at the spring is 38.5oC; the temperature of the lake fluctuates between 24-38oC, depending on the weather of the different seasons, this is why it is suitable for bathing even in winter. Additionally to the water’s soothing – at the same time refreshing – effect, the even water flow has an effect of a mild massage on the bathers. From April, tickets are available also at the reception.